Wake-Up Wednesday--3 Ways to Unshackle Yourself

Happy "Wake-Up Wednesday" Mahogany World!

Today we are going to focus on awakening ourselves to some realities in the African American community with three tidbits of knowledge.

1. You won't be seeing a black senator any time soon!  Say what?  Yes, the president is black.  Yes, there are a record number of African Americans in the House of Representatives.  However, when it comes to transitioning to the Senate, the numbers are bleak.  Of 100 senators, there are no African Americans.  Further, of the 1,931 senators to serve on the US Senate, only six have been African American.  C. Anthony Muse, the strongest African American candidate for this year's Senate race, lost on Tuesday. 

Read more: CNN Article

 2. African Americans Blog more than their white counterparts.  It's true!  According to the UC Berkeley News Center, although African Americans are less likely to have access to online content than whites or Latinos, those with internet access are more than twice as likely to blog!  (Black bloggers are just so cool!)  The article suggest that African Americans may be more likely to blog because they have been marginalized from mainstream media. We think they're right!

Read more: UC Berkeley News Center

3.  Retirement?  ...maybe not if you're black!  Quoting a new report by Aon Hewitt and Ariel Investments, the Business Insider reports that African Americans are making a big mistake when it comes to retirement.  The report states that, "Compared to their Asian and white counterparts, African-American and Hispanic employees are eroding their retirement savings at an alarming rate."  Two-thirds of African Americans are cashing out their 401(k) balances when they change jobs. 

Read more: The Business Insider

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