Support Local Businesses this Holiday Season!

Now is the time to support our local businesses!  Mahogany Philly would like to thank our wonderful sponsors for supporting our mission of nurturing community for women of color.

The 2nd Annual Mahogany Philly Holiday Party!

The 2nd Annual Mahogany Philly Holiday Party!
Clear your calendars ladies! This is the event of the year!  Join Mahogany Philly as we celebrate our second year of nurturing community.

Click HERE to RSVP!

Upscale Attire Required
Cocktail dresses are suggested, denim is prohibited.  Gentlemen are welcome (collared shirts please).

Tickets On Sale 10.21!
Tickets are $35 after November 1st and include a 3 hour open bar. 

Looking for Discounted Tickets?  Buy your ticket EARLY!  Early bird prices:

- $25 until 10.26
- $28 until 11.1
- $35 until 12.

Please note that tickets will NOT be available for purchase at the door. 

Due to our contract we are unable to adjust pricing for those who do not consume alcohol.


Work it Wednesday... the Sneak Peek! always has your sneak peek at our NEXT work it Wednesday!  Why wait for it to hit your inbox? It's already live on!

Check it out :

Work It Wednesday with Mahogany Philly!

Feeling the Impact
Recently several Mahogany Philly members lost jobs due to budget cuts in the Philadelphia School District and throughout the public sector.
Mahogany Philly wishes you great success in your future endeavors.  To coin a phrase from our Community Engagement Director, Takiyah, Mahogany Mamas don't work... we work it!
So, go ahead and work it ladies!  We encourage all of our members to use our Facebook page as a means for sharing information that can help connect Mahogany Philly members with employment.
We are in this together.
Jamaica Yancy
Executive Director
Mahogany Philly

Find out more about our spotlighted business!
All Star Party Gals
27 B E. Camden Ave Moorestown, NJ
Phone: 856.437.0143

Happy Wednesday Mahogany Philly!
It's Small Business Week, and the perfect time for Mahogany Philly to focus on the entrepreneurs in our own community!
We are incredibly proud to introduce the Mahogany Philly Business Spotlight.  Today is our very FIRST Work It Wednesday--our time to shine a light on African American women and their businesses.  When we support our businesses we empower our communities!

Spotlight on Mahogany Mama De Bolton and All Star Party Gals

"We help enhance relationships and empower women from the bedroom to the bank! Ladies get together and have a party to remember whether its Girls night. Fabulously Single, Co-Ed,Couples', Divorce,or Rainbow parties!"
Has  being a woman of color impacted your business (negatively or positively)?
I don't believe so, I have done events for all walks of life and haven't found that my race has hindered my success!
Do you offer any perks for Mahogany Philly members?
Of course, either 10% off all orders or free shipping whatever is of greater value.
Why are you a member of Mahogany Philly?
Why wouldn't I be? These ladies are very active and creative. We share a lot of the same interest of to living and experiencing life. Mahogany Philly seems like a great group of women that I can connect and relate to.