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The Mahogany Philly Donor Wall of Fame

Mahogany Philly is possible because of generosity.  Our members and Directors volunteer their time, their homes, and their smiles to keep our community of over 1500 women going strong.  We salute you all.  We would also like to thank the Mahogany Mamas who gave to the Mahogany Philly Annual Fund.  Your gift, big or small, is appreciated.

In addition to the names below, we would also like to thank our generous anonymous donors who gave a total of $1,190.

Alethia Lewis
Angelica Johnson
Celeste Merriweather
Christen Johnson
Crystal Oliver
Eve Dunbar
Kristina Bobo
LeKenda Chapman
Lisa Belfield
Michele Goodwin
Michele Goodwin
Monique Ellis
Tamera Cox
The Beauti in You
Tina Washington
Tyra Gardner
Yaeisha Slack

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Mahogany Philly
Nurturing a vibrant community for women of color.

Dear Mahogany Philly Members and Allies,

Soon we will say goodbye to 2014 and hello to the third anniversary of Mahogany Philly.  In three short years we have grown into a robust organization with over 1400 members.  Our Annual Holiday Affair and Summer Picnic are now well-loved traditions that we enjoy sharing with you.  Mahogany Mamas have volunteered, registered voters, participated in credit repair workshops, attended fitness walks, shared Thanksgiving meals, worked to achieve goals, gone camping... and much more.  The members of our leadership team work hard to create fabulous events for our members.
From the onset Mahogany Philly has chosen not to charge dues.  We believe that there is value in nurturing community and want to be open to all women.  However, the reality is that it costs money to keep Mahogany Philly running.  We pay monthly dues to, put event deposits on our personal debit cards, buy small gifts and party favors for our members, and pay hosting fees to keep our website going.  These expenses add up.  This is why we ask for your help.  Your gift, big or small, can help us immensely.
We understand that you are not all able to give, and that is okay.  If just some of you understand the value of Mahogany Philly, you can help to keep us going strong.  A long range goal of Mahogany Philly is to create a community center in the city of Philadelphia that caters to women of color.  Think of it as the brick and mortar version of Mahogany Philly.  With your help, we can make this dream a reality.

Our current fundraising goal is $2250.  This sum will allow us to meet our short term financial obligations, begin saving, and create a borrowing pool for our directors.  That means that we will not have to say "no" to an opportunity that requires us to submit a hefty deposit before collecting funds from our members. 
You can give to the Mahogany Philly Annual Fund by visiting now through February 7th.
Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Jamaica Yancy
Executive / Marketing Director
Mahogany Philly